Theron Kay is a Los Angeles-based composer from San Jose, CA. Theron began his scoring career during his freshman year at Baylor University, where he wrote original score for ESPN’s Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream, a television series that featured rap icon Snoop Dogg. The following year, he wrote the score for Fox Sports’ television series The Evolution of Punk, which followed WWE superstar CM Punk and his journey leading up to his nationally televised debut fight in the UFC. Theron graduated from Cal State University Northridge in 2019, where he pitched for the CSUN division I collegiate baseball team and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Music Composition for film & media. He recently attended the prestigious Screen Scoring program at USC and graduated with his Masters of Music in the spring of 2020. Theron currently works as a freelance composer, writing for a multitude of films and games, as well as being an in-house composer at Eternal Music Group.